Pickering vape lounge will allow members to smoke pot in relaxing environment

Holistic vape lounge Natural Budz opening its doors on Oct. 21 PICKERING — A Pickering couple has high hopes for the opening of their holistic vape lounge that allows marijuana users to smoke cannabis in a comfortable environment. Tiara Sillet, born and raised in Pickering, and her wife, Annelene Sillet, are holding the grand opening […]

Cannabis is a Spiritual Plant


Cannabis is a spiritual plant. There is evidence that the use of cannabis started in 2700 BC. Around 20 years ago a body of a man and other items assumed to be his were found. They found archery equipment, some other small possessions and enough cannabis to smoke with his friends for quite a while […]

Yeast and Cannabis Can Work Together!


Yeast. What an amazing product right? This single-celled fungi, that helps to produce many of the great things we know of today, such as dough for bread and beer, and so many other things, well now researchers are discovering that this fungi may, in fact, be able to create THC and CBD! How does this […]

Machines for Extracting Cannabis Compounds


Have you ever thought how the dry cannabis flower turns into cannabis concentrates? In the following article, we will teach you some of the machines that people use to extract the needed compounds for the cannabis by-product that we will later enjoy. CO2 Cannabis Extraction Even though CO2 is expensive, this machine will allow you […]