Cannabis is a Spiritual Plant


Cannabis is a spiritual plant. There is evidence that the use of cannabis started in 2700 BC. Around 20 years ago a body of a man and other items assumed to be his were found. They found archery equipment, some other small possessions and enough cannabis to smoke with his friends for quite a while (789 grams)!

There are multiple cannabis strains to choose from nowadays. There are certain strains directed to open and clear your chakras, these strains vary from “light sativas” to “strong indicas”.

Improve your connection with the divine through the use of cannabis in your meditations, follow the steps below before entering the meditative state:
Think about the intention of why you are entering the meditative state, what you want to accomplish by the end of this meditation. It could be to clean your chakras or just to find relaxation and stress relief.
Consume your cannabis (you can use any method of consumption) – remember to keep your intention in mind.
Now you are ready to meditate!
Cannabis is a spiritual plant, commonly used to enhance the connection with the higher self. Its potential to enrich spiritual experiences is uncanny, and cannabis/ cannabis extractions will leave you with that overall wellness sensation, which is generally hard to come by based on the stressors of modern life.
Are you ready to take one step up in your spiritual connection? Try meditating with Cannabis today!

-Tiara Sillet

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