Machines for Extracting Cannabis Compounds


Have you ever thought how the dry cannabis flower turns into cannabis concentrates? In the following article, we will teach you some of the machines that people use to extract the needed compounds for the cannabis by-product that we will later enjoy.

CO2 Cannabis Extraction

Even though CO2 is expensive, this machine will allow you to set high heat and pressures to make the gas supercritical in order to obtain a higher yield than in comparison to other solvent-based methods.

The BOSS CO2 Extraction System
Quadron Cannatech created The BOSS CO2 Extraction System, which has been continuously updated until they can firmly say that the extraction process is completely accurate. Their design allows a faster process by eliminating manual valves, this translates to faster load and unload cycles in order to increase production capacity. The machine can undertake 20 pounds of cannabis material in 4 hours and work continuously without supervision.

The BOSS CO2 Extraction System is about $250,000. These machines have a small footprint, it is cheap in terms of energy costs, has an automated batch loading, it is easy to use for this kind of system and it does not require harmful solvents. On the other hand, it is not suitable for small-scale productions, it is a bit expensive, you must carefully store the CO2, it operates at high pressures and it is relatively complex.

The degree of efficiency in extraction units are valuable, Supercritical Fluid Technologies has created some new tech that will allow you to configure the machine with 1 to 3 vessels to get a larger amount of material processed.

The CannabisSFE Supercritical CO2 Extraction Unit is about $35,500 it has a small footprint, which can be very convenient, perfect for average scale production, scalable capacity, does not require harmful solvents and there are add-ons available to improve functionality. On the dark side, it is not suitable for large scale productions, not automated loading between runs, CO2 must be stored carefully, operates at high pressures and it is relatively complex.

Hi-Flo FX2 20L 5K
The Hi-Flo High-Performance Series is popular for its tremendous processing power, the machine can process 107lbs of biomass a day.
The price is $175,000, you are paying for a machine designed with up to 95% CO2 recapture rate, fast terpene capture with advanced oil integrity cup design, easy step-by-step program,, no internal moving parts and energy-efficient. But you will need a well-ventilated and a tightly controlled lab environment, it is not for small scale operators, you will need professional guidance to optimize, and it has lower capacity in comparison to some competitors.

Apeks Supercritical CO2 System
This one is for the pro’s, the Force is a colossal super machine that is able to process 200 pounds of dried botanical material every day, it is the wildest machine in the industry.

The price is $445,000, it can perform supercritical and subcritical extractions, it has a CO2 storage tank, fully automated, suitable for large scale operations. Though it is a bit expensive, not for small operations, you will need professional expertise to run and optimize the system it consumes a large amount of energy.

Super C Extractor
This is an all in one little extractor. The machine can process 1oz at 4500 psi.

It is one of the cheapest extractors on the market, the price is $4000, it is ideal for small, sporadic uses, just have in mind that it has a low capacity and if you want larger yields you will probably need expansion packs.

Ablaze Mini Closed Loop Extractor
If you are looking for the best deal on the market, this is your to go to, this machine has a 45g capacity and a 100 psi limit. Be aware that you will be aiming for probably the most plain extraction quality, but suitable for a low price. You can use this machine at home and it is also easy to use though CO2 must be stored carefully.

-Anni S

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