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Hello! Welcome to our certificate program where anyone and everyone internationally can learn various courses certified by industry professionals. Start your journey today!


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Integrate quality cannabis products with expertise.

Know that you are learning mindful consumption to improve the quality of your life.

High end cannabis knowledge in multiple languages for international individuals.

Align your cannabis consumption with your goals. Pick the course that suits your intentions.

Cannabis Consulting for Patients & Family

If you are looking to become a Canadian cannabis patient or if you are already a cannabis patient we offer 30 min or 1 hr consulting sessions where we talk through information, methods of consumption, a brief introduction to the Endocannabinoid System, any doubts or fears around consumption, and how to talk to your children about cannabis. 

These can be group sessions with 4 people max per session.

  • 30 min- $65
  • 60 min- $120

Curated Courses

Are you a cannabis business with a need for specific cannabis education? Email us today! We create curated content to fit the needs of all our clients, and make information specific courses based on what part of the industry you are in! Even if you are not in the cannabis industry but are interested in learning more about the plant and what it can do for you, we make curated courses for all of it.

Upcoming Courses

CEC has partnered with Pharmacology University to offer over 100 courses, audiobooks and references available in 5 different languages! (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic)

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Extract Course

This Extraction Program is meant for individuals who want to excel in extraction techniques, practices, and principles. It is also meant to provide these individuals with deep knowledge of the current cannabis industry and ways to thrive in it.


Health Care Practitioners Course

Our Health care practitioners course is available to all medical personnel who want to learn about how cannabis is used, how it affects the body (the Endocannabinoid System), different illnesses that can benefit from the use of cannabis, dosing recommendations, methods of consumption, and possible adverse interactions with other medications.


Menopause & Cannabis

This course explores using cannabis during menopause. Everything you need to know on how to consume it, to how it benefits you! Take this course and empower yourself.

Physiotherapy Course

This course is to give physiotherapists and students an insight into the history, uses, benefits and physiological interactions with the body. They will also learn how to best plan out a course of action to promote healing with cannabis use.

Cannabis Education
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You can check other courses at the Courses pages. Expect more courses soon!


Tiara Sillet

Founder and CEO

Tiara Sillet is the co-founder and CEO of Cannabis Education Canada. She owns multiple cannabis businesses and focuses her attention on International education. In Canada she has taught multiple platoons in the police services, municipalities, and government workers about cannabis during the Federal legalization roll out in 2018. She works as the cannabis educator for various Canadian disease groups/organizations, and she is a cannabis course developer. Tiara works as a Canadian rep for cannabis education at the United Nations and is pentalingual.